Surprise: Negative ad that hits Obama on Fannie and Freddie proves highly effective

How long has the righty blogosphere been screaming at the RNC to go nuclear on this? No ad we’ve posted this year got as much grassroots buzz as that “What Just Happened?” dynamo that leveled the Dems on this same subject. Why McCain’s made Ayers the centerpiece of the attacks instead, I’ll never know, especially with Democratic voters reacting almost as well to this spot as Republicans did. Presumably, Team Maverick’s own focus groups are populated with nuts like these, who acknowledge The One will be a terrible president but long nonetheless for the golden days of Reagan in which, er … the government took over Wall Street? No wonder communists are stoked.

I was going to post McCain’s newest ad here too — it’s okay, albeit no world-beater — but reposting the “What Just Happened?” spot is probably a more productive use of our bandwidth so let’s do that instead.

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022