Nuance: Ohio Secretary of State sitting on 200,000 "mismatched" voter registration forms

Ace is all over it. Does that mean all the forms are fraudulent? No. Does it mean the ones that are fraudulent are necessarily going to be converted into fraudulent votes? No. Does it mean the Democrats are rather curiously incurious about hundreds of thousands of problem forms on the rolls, especially given their perennial shrieking about elections being fixed and especially in light of all the media attention devoted to ACORN lately (Ohio ACORN in particular)? Why, yes, it does. And the best part is Brunner insisting on the one hand that there’s not enough time to check all these mismatched forms while on the other fighting tooth and nail in court to drag out the litigation and give the county election boards as little time as possible to comply.

Between the secretary’s office and the county boards, Brunner said, efforts will be made to notify the voters of the discrepancy and urge them to update their information. Brunner will also follow that up with a directive to the counties urging them not to force people to vote provisionally. She said that could set up yet another Republican challenge, but that federal law does not require a person with mismatched information to vote provisionally, as opposed to getting a regular ballot.

Provisional ballot voting is often the most problematic and confusing form of voting. A Plain Dealer review found that 20 percent of the provisional ballots cast statewide for this year’s Republican and Democratic presidential primaries were rejected because some part of the complicated process was not properly followed and thus the person’s vote was not counted.

I’m still skeptical that there’s a mechanism in place capable of converting bogus registrations into bogus votes, especially on a mass scale, but the boss is doing her level best to change my mind.