Transcript: Palin and Limbaugh on Obama and ACORN

No audio, alas, but the full transcript has been posted.

RUSH: Well, now, as I listen to your campaign appearances and Senator McCain’s, it seems that you are the more forceful in speaking out against Obama and his campaign ideas. Are they giving you pretty much free rein to attack this campaign as you wish?

GOVERNOR PALIN: Well, you know, there just aren’t enough hours in the day I think to get out there and (cell garbled). Rush, I’ve got nothing to lose in this, and I think America has everything to gain by understanding the differences, the contrasts here between Obama and McCain. So, you know, I’m going out there and I’m just simply speaking. So be it that I’m a simple talker, but I’m just going out there and letting people know the differences and how absolutely paramount it is that voters are paying attention and that voters are understanding candidates’ records, their associations, their plans for the future; instead of being kind of wrapped up into all this rhetoric of Obama’s and buying into it and not holding him accountable for the things that he’s done, the things that he’s said, his associates, and where he wants to take America.

He drops a little bait about her political future, which she refuses to take, but he’s clearly enough of a fan that she’ll have a huge megaphone for years to come. As for what she says about ACORN and reaching out to Obama, here’s the PDF of Team Maverick’s letter last month inviting The One to cooperate in an anti-fraud initiative. No reply yet, although his campaign manager was thoughtful enough to sneer about Fox News becoming a “24-hour ACORN channel” earlier today. Exit question: With all the bad press they’re getting, from corruption lawsuits to banner treatment at Drudge to, well, all of this, why doesn’t Obama just throw them under the bus? If it was good enough for Wright and Pfleger and Rezko and Kwame Kilpatrick, surely a perfunctory “This is not the ACORN I thought I knew” statement shouldn’t be too difficult.