CBS/NYT: Obama 53, McCain 39

The unweighted sample: 38.2 D, 30.3 R. Weighted: 37.4 D, 29.2 R. The overall margin is a hefty outlier, five points more than Gallup and fully nine points more than Rasmussen, but that’s about the only good news here.

Last week it was 48/45.

Judging by those numbers, I’m guessing the Ayers attacks aren’t helping much. The columns here are Total Voters, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, respectively:

Almost as many GOPers say they’re unbothered by Obama’s associations as those who say they’re bothered by Wright or Ayers. As for independents, The One leads by 18 points now — a 28-point swing in just one week. Part of that’s due to the debate, which registered voters say he won, 48/14, but part of it’s probably also due to the negativity backfiring.

The unkindest cut of all:

I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her net favorables negative. (McCain’s are also negative, at -5.)

Exit quotation from Team Maverick: “The financial tsunami has produced one of the most difficult and volatile times to conduct polling in modern times. During these uniquely volatile last few weeks, I have seen as much day-to-day movement as I have witnessed in my 20 plus year career as a pollster.”