Audio: Steve Schmidt says McCain won't go after Obama on Wright

Another pep talk, this one from today’s “Morning Edition” on NPR. Like I said earlier, I think they’re staying away from Wright because most of the impact of that story has already been priced into the polls. To the extent that it hasn’t been, they figure they can kill two birds with one stone by boosting Ayers’s profile and leaving the electorate to connect the dots with Wright, Rezko, Pfleger, ACORN, the Chicago machine, and every other shady character that revolves around The One. Not guilt by association, in other words, but guilt by associations. Many, many, many associations.

Skip ahead to 3:40 of the clip for that or listen from the beginning to hear Schmidt repeat McCain’s exceedingly stupid line about Ayers being nothing more than a “washed-up old terrorist” whom we needn’t concern ourselves with except to the extent that Obama might be lying about him. Exit question: Brass knuckles at Wednesday night’s debate? Exit answer: Probably.