Video: The obligatory "Obama says ACORN will help set his agenda, sort of" clip

Okay, okay, stop sending me e-mails about it. Here’s the vid, shot in Iowa last December at the Heartland Presidential Forum, a gathering of community organizers. Obama was one of four candidates there, with Hillary phoning it in (literally). According to the Center for Community Change, which co-sponsored the event, more than 3,000 people participated; I’m assuming ACORN was represented but I can’t find a definitive list of all the groups in attendance. In any case, the event’s agenda was necessarily broader than theirs. It is true that Deepak Bhargava, the current executive director of CCC, used to work as ACORN’s legislative director, but unless I missed something, I don’t even see the group listed as an official CCC partner.

In other words, The One’s promising community organizers generally that they’ll play a role in shaping his policies. Anyone surprised? Remember, this is a guy whose supporters use this part of his CV to compare him to Jesus.

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