Video: Welcome our next vice president, John McCain

A mid-day palate cleanser from this morning’s Biden rally, plucked from the fondest ticket-flipping fantasies of Palin fans. The speaker’s an Obamican, or so he says, which may help explain the gaffe. Or maybe he’s disoriented from watching Biden try to balance his personal affection for McCain with his role as VP attack dog. On the one hand, Maverick’s a “good friend” whom he’d meet anywhere at a moment’s notice and who deep down isn’t feeling good about having to attack Obama. On the other hand, McCain’s an “angry man” who just might be trying to get Obama shot. If you think Fey as Palin was the highlight of last week’s SNL, go back and watch the first answer Sudeikis gives as Greasy Joe. Spot on: “As my mother would say, god love him but he’s a raging maniac — and a dear, dear friend.”

Exit question: Assuming the polls hold and McCain goes back to the senate to wrangle with President Messiah over legislation, what inevitable act of bipartisanship will he commit to redeem himself with screeching Obama mega-shills like Andrew Sullivan and Joe Klein who are so very, very disappointed in him for trying to win this election? Immigration is the obvious answer, but given the state of the economy that’s far down The One’s list of priorities now.

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