Video: Palin on Ayers, Obama, and the vice presidency

A considerable improvement from the Couric interview, thanks to the lack of gotchas and to what must be mounting confidence after she came through the debate okay. Part of the fascination with her at this point comes from what InstaGlenn hits on here. She clearly is having fun out there, in spite of the nastiness towards her, in spite of the economic freakout, in spite of Maverick’s downturn in the polls, in spite of having been tasked with being the bad guy in bringing out the brass knuckles against The One. Is she resolutely optimistic? Expecting defeat but putting on a brave face? Just enjoying the attention and the rush of campaigning? What’s the frequency, Kenneth? The base sees Reaganesque sunniness, David Brooks sees someone too studiously ignorant to care what’s going on around her. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about all day if McCain loses and she has to go back to Alaska.

Below the interview, a quick shot from her recent drop-in in Nebraska. Whatever happens, she should be on the RNC fundraising circuit forever.

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