Video: McCain gets testy over media's criticism of Palin

Via Tapper. The shot at Biden near the end for his FDR gaffe is simply golden. Is it true that the public’s still on his side vis-a-vis the ‘Cuda, though? If you believe Quinnipiac, her net favorables are now negative in Florida and Pennsylvania and even in Ohio. Pew’s national poll still has her at +11, but that’s down from +22 just two weeks ago (which is where Biden’s at now). As to whether she’s qualified to be president, the split after the first week of September was 52/39. Now: 37/51.

A good debate could work wonders. She does have it in her, as our now expectations-raising media eagerly reminds us this morning.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022