Palin on the debate: "I'm the new energy, the new face, the new ideas"; Update: George Will tells audience Palin's not qualified? Update: Hewitt transcript added

Change versus experience, with the parties reversed for one night only. Any attempt to humiliate her apparently now qualifies as “news” so here’s the Chicago Tribune throwing a few column inches at that nude portrait of her you’ve already doubtless heard about. Maybe it’s because nearly every story I read about her these days feels obliged to mention Kathleen Parker’s “Sarah must go” piece for NRO or maybe I’ve just seen one too many posts from Sullivan attacking her with gleeful derangement, but I’ve got a silly hunch that her detractors want to see a lot more on Thursday than a Biden victory. They want an implosion. Anything less and that itch of theirs just isn’t going to be scratched.

She’s already started making the talk-radio rounds I mentioned yesterday, phoning in to chat with Hugh Hewitt in the first hour today. The transcript’s not available yet but he’s replaying the segment, so tune in if you can’t wait. Geraghty jotted down some of the particulars. Sounds like she did well.

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Update: It’s HuffPo so take it for what it’s worth, but this would jibe with Will’s general line on Palin thus far:

Famed conservative columnist George Will told a gathering of Senate aides on Monday that Gov. Sarah Palin is “obviously” not prepared to assume the presidency if necessary, two event attendees told the Huffington Post…

Palin is “obviously not qualified to be President,” he remarked, describing her interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as a “disaster.”

Will did state, according to a second source, that Palin has received rough treatment from the media; arguing that the Alaska Governor would have been “skewered” by the press if she had made some of the same gaffes as Sen. Joe Biden has in recent weeks.

Update: Here’s the Hewitt transcript.

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