Video: Tediously "outrageous" comic tediously outraged over Palin

Via Breitbart. This makes three has-beens this week alone who’ve tried to siphon off gas from Palinmania (or rather, two has-beens and one never-was). Everyone else in America’s climbed aboard the gravy train; why should D-list comedians be immune? Bernhard’s the most explicit, though, in punishing the “turncoat bitch” for her treason in being Conservative While Female. Read the Sun piece that I linked in Headlines last night after you watch and note the similarly visceral, almost cathartic terms in which “progressive” women express their reaction to her: Murderous rage, urges to vomit, anger to the point of wanting to kick things, and even, per another bit in Bernhard’s act, allusions to gang-rape. This goes way deeper than pro-life/pro-choice disagreement. Judge for yourself what it’s about. Content warning.