Hotline poll: Palin's favorables declining

The numbers aren’t as dire as in the, ahem, Daily Kos tracking poll favored by Andrew Sullivan, but there does seem to be some erosion going on:

The poll has Obama up four over McCain so it’s a bit of an outlier, but keep an eye out for her favorables in major polls out tomorrow or on Thursday for comparison. It’s worrisome how quickly the trend has moved: As of Saturday, after both nights of the Gibson interviewed had aired, she was still +22, higher than any of the other three candidates. Three days later she’s +11, lower than both Democrats. The Gibson interviews finished Friday; if they’re the catalyst, I’m not sure why we’d be seeing such delayed movement. There must have been something over the weekend that nudged people. Was it the NYT and WaPo hit pieces? The fire she took on the Sunday morning talk shows? The, gulp, SNL skit? McCain’s favorables have also eroded, so maybe all the media whining about his ads has penetrated and Palin’s simply absorbed some collateral damage. Or maybe not: “What’s more, 35% of RVs now say Palin is ‘very unprepared’ to serve as POTUS — up from 28% who said so in the sample completed immediately after the GOP convo (fielded 9/5-7).” Could be that her leveling off is dragging him down, not vice versa.

Exit question: Big rebound coming from tomorrow night’s softball game with Hannity, right?