Whoopi to McCain: "Do I have to be worried about becoming a slave again?"

The ‘Busters have the transcript. This isn’t quite the offensive idiocy it might seem at first blush; she’s asking a (mostly) rhetorical question about constitutional theory to challenge McCain’s stance on Roe, i.e. whether following the Founders’ intent is such a hot idea given that their Enlightenment views weren’t quite fully enlightened. One possible answer: We can correct the Founders through the amendment process. That’s what we should have done to legalize abortion and that’s what we did to ban slavery. Or did you miss that lesson in first-grade history, Whoopi? McCain’s response: Hey, good point! Groan.

Still, insofar as you don’t often see questioners shameless enough to ask Republicans whether they want to bring back slavery (even on MSNBC), it’s a golden TV moment. Exit question: If McCain’s uncontrollable rage is 1/1000th as bad as the left would have you believe, shouldn’t his righteous indignation at being asked this have sent him into an Incredible Hulk-ish meltdown?