Biden: Hey, you know who might have been a better pick for VP than me?

Say it with me. Eagleton.

And so, with this, the number of Americans who don’t think Hillary would have been a smarter pick stands at one. Serious question: If Palin aces the Charlie Gibson interview and McCain bounces out to, say, an eight-point lead, does Obama decide that Biden needs to spend more time with his family, swap in Her Majesty, and launch the gender politics clusterfark to end all clusterfarks? It’d have to be done before the VP debate on October 2; they wouldn’t want to miss the chance to draw the contrast with Palin and cement the substitution in the public’s mind by not having her in place already for an event as high profile as that. Even more serious question: If Obama’s imploding, why would Hillary agree to come aboard? Better to let McCain finish him off and then skip to the nomination in 2012. Still more serious question: If McCain had chosen Palin before Obama picked his own VP, is there any doubt who the choice would have been? And the most serious question of all: What is this tool doing telling audiences Obama should have gone with Hillary? Is there any conceivable strategy behind that? A feeble ploy for the PUMAs, maybe, or just Biden being Biden?

Update: Biden said repeatedly during the primaries that Obama wasn’t qualified to be president. Turns out he was right:

Barack Obama’s judgment was that Joe Biden was the best possible vice presidential candidate.

Joe Biden says he’s wrong.

This was Obama’s first major decision as a would-be president.

He got it wrong.

Update: “I don’t think Palin would be seeing these kind of gains if Hillary was on the ticket… When Obama picked Biden, it gave Republicans an opening, and they are taking full advantage of it… The question is: How long will it last?”