Nielsen: McCain's speech draws more viewers than Obama's -- while airing on fewer networks

Just across. BET and TV One apparently decided that with Barry O already pulling 90-95% of the black vote, they needn’t bother turning any precious airtime over to McCain. In fact, all four nights of the Democratic convention aired on both networks. The GOP convention didn’t air at all.

Do note: Palin finished just shy of both candidates in total audience running on only six networks, two fewer than McCain and four fewer than Obama. Telemundo and Univision didn’t bother with night three coverage.

Sweet news, although it would have been sweeter had Maverick’s speech been a home run rather than a bloop double. Exit question: How’d he beat The One? Ridin’ the wave of Palinmania, or ridin’ the wave of football fans looking for something to watch after the Giants-Redskins game ended? I want to believe it’s the latter, just because the network that would have made the difference in that case is … NBC.