Video: Meet the Palins; Update: McCain tells staffers, "We're going to fight back"

Yes, that’s Bristol Palin and her fiance there to greet Maverick as he touches down in Minneapolis. A sweet moment, especially the smile on her face after a brutal few days. Whether they’re there because the campaign decided it plays better to have them there than out of sight or whether it’s because McCain is simply that classy (or, most likely, both) I leave for you to decide. For what it’s worth, the Palins’ soon-to-be in-law claims that the couple was planning to get married before they knew she was pregnant. Exit quotation: “This is just a bonus.”

Update: Sounds like the Eagleton option is off the table. Before this story’s done circulating, Maverick’s standing with the base is apt to be at an all-time high:

John McCain spoke to staff and advisers working in the campaign War Room at the Minneapolis Hilton this afternoon, and forcefully vowed to fight hard to defend his runningmate Sarah Palin against attacks from the media and Democrats. “They’re not doing right by our vice president, they’re not doing right by the American people,” McCain said, according to a source in the room. “We’re gonna fight back, we’re gonna get ‘em.” McCain pounded his fist into his hand as he spoke, the source said, and made clear that he would be aggressively challenging those who are attacking Palin.

McCain advisers expect that he will address the issue in his speech to the convention tomorrow evening.