New Palin smear: She "slashed" funding for pregnant teens by, um, expanding it

Daily Kos up to no good again? Nah — this one comes from WaPo, doing the hard work of ignoring primary sources that are reproduced right in the piece. The boss, Laura W., and Anchor Rising did the heavy lifting so read them for the details; if you think expanding a program by $3.9 million instead of $5 million counts as cutting funds, you’re qualified to work for one of America’s most esteemed newspapers. The point, of course, is to use the left’s eternal fig leaf for demonizing Republicans, i.e. hypocrisy, to argue that Palin is callous about the plight of girls in the same position as her daughter. It can’t be that she wanted to save taxpayers money and thought the program could work with a million dollars less. Only the Cruella de Vil narrative’ll do. In fact, I’m surprised WaPo focused on Covenant House’s services for pregnant girls when its actual mission extends to all wayward teens, a much larger group for Palin to hate on by not showering cash on it to quite the full extent deemed necessary by our progressive superiors.

That’s not the only big media Palin smear circulating right now, either. Exit question: Which is more nuanced, the Covenant House nonsense or the fact that the NYT reporter who pushed the story about Palin being a member of the Alaska secessionist party is still standing by it even though the Times itself has now retracted it? (On its blog, of course, not in the paper itself.)

Update: “It’s never big enough for some lawmakers, it’s never big enough for some local officials.”

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