New McCain ad: "Alaska Maverick"

Surprisingly dull given the frenzy of Barracudamania, but then the point isn’t to build her up so much as it is to tear The One down. They’ve got a second contrast ad coming later today focusing on their comparative experience. The one virtue of having the media spin her as dangerously unqualified, of course, is that it leaves McCain wide open for ads like this, treating Barry to a little vicarious ridicule for his absurdly thin record. Something like 70 percent of voters say the VP candidates won’t affect their votes in November; if Palin is deemed too green to be trusted but some of that rubs off on Obama in the process, it may well be a worthy trade.

Exit question: Are Obama’s people actually coming after Palin on pork? After Captain Earmark tried to stuff his fat face with federal money last year and voted — together with Biden — not to shift the money for the bridge to nowhere to Katrina relief?