Palin goes on offense in Troopergate, releases affidavit

Everyone knew it was coming but I thought they’d wait longer to do it. Presumably they decided to take advantage of the raging river of information and push it out now rather than wait until things quiet down, when the media can focus all of its attention on it. Here’s the PDF. The recitation of facts is only around 10 pages; pay special attention to the short section on the Bailey phone call, which is where she’s most likely to have problems. This is, ostensibly, a legal document written for ethics investigators, but the true aim of course is to put the public on notice about her former brother-in-law’s “eccentricities” so that if she’s found guilty of crossing an ethical line she can claim she acted the way any good daughter or sister would when family’s threatened. The defense, in other words, will be that she’s morally right even if she’s ethically wrong.

Not the actions of a woman ready to pull an Eagleton, needless to say.