GOP convention, night two: Thompson and Lieberman

Here’s your comment thread. 7 p.m. ET on C-SPAN; watch online if you’re not near a TV. Bush will speak via satellite at some point and then it’s Fred plating bleeding chunks of red meat and Joementum reprising Zell Miller — but kinder and gentler! — in primetime.

How intense is public interest in Palin? Judging by online activity, more intense than it’s ever been even for The One. Our heroine’s lying low for now, but if you’re hungry for more, here’s tomorrow’s “scandal” today: HuffPo video of her addressing a Pentecostal church and asking for prayers that the task of U.S. troops be “a task that is from God” and “that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.” NBC has already picked it up and is naturally very, very concerned. Too early to tell yet which stereotype of evangelicals the left will try to demagogue her with, the idea that they want to wage a holy war on Muslims or the idea that they’re trying to bring about the Rapture and the U.S. military is the fastest path to Armageddon. But it sounds to me like all she’s really saying here is that she hopes God approves of what we’re doing, which must be the most rudimentary prayer in all of Christendom. Am I right or has my benighted atheism clouded my judgment once again. Weigh in!

While you mull that, here’s video from CNN of Sally Quinn telling Christians how they’re supposed to feel about a working mom neglecting her kids by going off gallivanting to shop or get her hair done or run for vice president of the United States. Like Andy McCarthy says, it’s downright heartwarming to see the left take such an interest in the Palin children’s well-being after so cruelly ignoring the effect on the Obama girls of having daddy away for such long stretches at a time. (Barney Frank not included!) Exit quotation: “Sarah was a touchdown, but I feel like we’re looking at it on the video replay for a final call.”