Laura Bush on sexist attacks on Palin: "The other side is going to have to be particularly careful"

I still can’t quite get over how our pal Powers nailed this off the bat on Friday so maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t really there, but what does Laura Bush mean when she says, “That is something that we all looked at”? Was there a “trap” element to the pick, knowing/hoping that the sort of attacks to come would alienate centrists? Or does she simply mean that the sexism against Hillary was something she and Dubya took note of during the campaign? Either way, I’m really looking forward to our new feminist pope formally excommunicating Palin on behalf of The One. Nothing expresses righteous contempt for McCain’s identity politics quite like exploiting Hillary’s status as America’s foremost woman politician to appeal to women voters.

Incidentally, Mrs. Bush will speak tonight, although I expect she and Cindy McCain will focus mostly on appeals for hurricane relief. Exit question: Who’ll play Martin Luther to Hillary’s pontiff? Smart money’s on Althouse. Click the image to watch.