Video: Palin knocks Biden on drilling, ties it to national security

And not just Biden either. Pay attention to what she says about Bush lacking a national energy policy and kowtowing to the Saudis to boost production, a line that’ll take a tiny bit of the sting out of the left’s “McSame” jabs. This’ll be her issue on the trail, for obvious reasons; presumably McCain will be having his duly appointed epiphany about ANWR any day now, since I cut about four minutes here of her explaining why people who wet themselves about the sainted caribou actually have no idea of what ANWR looks like and how little a threat drilling would pose to the environment. (You can watch the full interview at CNBC.) As predicted, the left is already pushing the line that she’s an ignoramus who’s on the ticket as an “affirmative action” pick, a policy to which the Democratic Party is now, suddenly and miraculously, opposed. See for yourself how ignorant she is. Exit question: Since it’s all about the second X chromosome, does anyone want to try arguing with a straight face that Kay Bailey Hutchison or Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina would have provoked the sort of euphoria you’re seeing among conservatives today? The left’s right that someone here is treating all women as essentially fungible, but it ain’t John McCain.