Video: Matthews ticked off as Olbermann steps on his lines? Update: "Let's wrap him up, all right?"

The question mark’s there because it’s impossible to tell what happened to put that snarling grimace on Matthews’s face. Did Olby cut in too soon? Was there dead air in Chris’s earpiece? Could the teleprompter have failed? Did a producer out of frame break wind? The possibilities are endless. But since only one of them fits the congealing narrative of a news network in turmoil from clashing egos — “The situation at our channel is about to blow up” — let’s assume the worst. Way to kneecap a colleague, Kayo!

Exit question: Are there any savvy freelance political advisors out there willing and able to work to defeat Chris Matthews should he run for Senate? Oh, yes, you there, Mr. Wolfson! Step right up! Click the image to watch.

Update: Even better than the first clip: Watch what happens in a preciously rare instance when Olby has to deal with a pundit who isn’t programmed to give him the precise answers he’s looking for. “Let’s wrap him up, all right?”

Update: An excellent point made in Headlines. If they’re this unhinged this week, what will they be like next week in Minneapolis?