Video: Cops shove, choke, arrest ABC reporter taping Democratic senators meeting with top donors; Update: Edwards pal Fred Baron at meeting?

In fairness, his assignment might have had nothing to do with his treatment here. Supposedly it was hotel management that got annoyed and called the cops because they objected to him blocking a private sidewalk. The cops came, he wouldn’t leave, so naturally they had to … shove him across the street and grab him by the throat. According to the Denver Post, it wasn’t just Boulder County police involved; at least one officer there, probably the one doing the shoving in the clip, was a hotel security guard wearing a sheriff’s uniform for whatever reason. Smart thinkin’ roughing a guy up from a national news bureau with cameramen standing by.

Speculative exit question: Which senators, do you think? Click the image to watch.

Update: I can’t tell if the meeting referred to in this report is the same one that ABC was investigating when their producer got busted. But wherever there’s trouble a-brewin’, you’ll find Fred “The Best Friend Anyone’s Ever Had” Baron!

Fred Baron, a wealthy Texas trial lawyer and former finance chairman for Edwards’ presidential campaign, was seen Tuesday at a private luncheon for top party donors and key senators.

Baron, a longtime major contributor to Democratic candidates, would not answer questions from ABC News and walked away when he saw cameras.

The exclusive lunch was organized by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for its highest level donor group known at the Legacy Circle.