Democratic convention, night three: Aggrieved victim of Obama camp's racial demagoguery to endorse Obama; Update: Messiah returns to earth, appears in Denver

Harry Reid’s due to speak any minute now, followed a bit later by Evan Bayh and Tom Daschle. Bill Clinton gets his eight-minute quickie around 9 p.m. ET to impart the sort of national security wisdom he gleaned from letting Osama Bin Laden run free during the 1990s, then Biden comes on sometime around 10:15 to beat up on McCain. There had better be major attacks on the GOP tonight because the fightin’ nutroots is already grumbling about the lack of fightiness thus far and surely no one expects Captain Hope during his moment in the agora tomorrow to stoop to anything so mean as actual politics.

Two pieces to pass the time while you wait, the first a vignette from Joe Conason about Obama snubbing Billy Jeff’s invitation to dine and the second the obligatory, ceremonial, 1,000th Hot Air link to Sean Wilentz’s TNR piece from February about how the “post-racial candidate” demagogued Billary to racial oblivion. Consider it an ironic counterpoint to tonight’s piece in Politico about former Clinton lackey turned Obama supporter Rahm Emanuel demagoguing McCain to racial oblivion. Note to B.C.: It’s really nothing personal. Barry O’s cronies do this to everyone.

Update: Ah, I should have guessed. It’ll be Waffles, wearing the veteran badge of Absolute Moral Authority and martyred by the evil Rethuglican Swift Boat attacks, who’ll do the honors in bludgeoning McCain.

Update: Biden’s speech is over and The One is onstage.