Shock: Obama never vetted Hillary?

There’s no way this is true. Either it’s nonsense planted by Obama’s camp to build just a tiny bit more suspense before he reveals her as the pick or else it’s nonsense planted by Hillary’s camp because they’ve now learned she’s not the pick and they’re taking their revenge by stoking the sense of grievance and insult among her supporters. No way would Barry O compound the risk of alienating Hillary nuts by not giving her even a cursory vetting.

“She was never vetted,” a Democratic official reported. “She was not asked for a single piece of paper. She and Senator Obama have never had a single conversation about it. How would he know if she’d take it?”

The official also said Clinton never met with Obama’s vetting team of Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy.

And the official said she was never asked for medical records or for any financial 2008 information about her or former President Bill Clinton. The last information the couple has disclosed about taxes and financial holdings was for 2007…

“This would be the biggest leap of faith ever,” the official said. “She’s waiting for the text message like everyone else.”

Drudge is hammering this for all it’s worth, so either (a) it’s one last eleventh-hour head fake before she’s unveiled, or (b) this convention is going to rock so very, very hard. Meanwhile, the AP floats a balloon about Chet “Who?” Edwards being a dark-horse finalist. Really? The candidate who’s biggest liability is that he’s an unknown quantity is going to choose … a quantity even more unknown than he is?

Democratic officials said little-known Texas Rep. Chet Edwards was one of the few Democrats whose background was checked by Obama’s campaign and he was a finalist for the job.

Among others mentioned: Govs. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, as well as Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Evan Bayh of Indiana…

Edwards is a favorite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who praised his “extraordinary credentials” on ABC’s “This Week” on Aug. 3 and said: “I hope he will be the nominee.”

One Democratic official with knowledge of the conversation said Obama told Pelosi recently that she would be pleased with the choice. Other Democratic officials said he was on the short list. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss Obama’s selection process.

An interesting data point about Edwards: He represents Crawford, Texas. Another interesting point: He “strongly opposes amnesty in any form.” Another interesting point: There are no other interesting points. The nutroots loathe him for being a centrist and he has some experience on House military and budgetary committees, but otherwise he’s a cipher. Ain’t happening. But we’ll know for sure soon enough: Barry O is making his final phone calls while Hillary takes a lonely walk around the grounds of the New York State Fair. Exit question: How unspeakably awesome would it be to see headlines in major papers about “Obama/Edwards” side by side on the newsstand with Enquirer coverage of an “Edwards love child!”?

Update: No wonder she seems half-hearted on the trail. “It was a platonic type of endorsement… It wasn’t real love. She’s just doing what she’s supposed to be doing.”