Report: McCain planning "big" event in Ohio for day after Dem convention? Update: Birthday party? Update: Michigan and Pennsylvania, too

With most of the day’s big news blogged, we turn to rank speculation. What’s this about? A decoy planted by Team Maverick to throw VP bloodhounds off the scent? An accurate but otherwise unexceptional report of a routine campaign stop? Or is it … the grand unveiling? The timing’s more interesting to me than the location: If it’s true then this probably is the grand unveiling since McCain will be looking to pull buzz from the afterglow of Obama’s acceptance speech, but I’m not sure we can read anything into the fact that it’s being held in Ohio given how important it is as a swing state. You’ve got two dark horse candidates from there — Rob Portman and John Kasich — but neither one of them’s a big enough name to distract the media the day after the Ascension, and naming a guy like Kasich who’s better known now for his Fox show than for his time in Congress would be like naming Neal Cavuto. McCain/Cavuto? Likeable, but I don’t see it. Speculate away!

For what it’s worth, and with absolutely no evidence to support it, we got an e-mail this morning alleging “whispers” that a jet’s been tagged “Obama/Sebelius.” I don’t believe it for a second, but let’s note it now so that I can crow about how tapped in we are if it pans out.

Update: A commenter notes that August 29 happens to be McCain’s birthday. What’s he getting by way of a present this year? Bobby Jindal?

Update: CNN hears there may be rallies in Michigan and Pennsylvania that day too, which makes it less of an Ohio thing and more of a midwestern/swing-state thing. Bad news for Portman and Kasich, good news for Mitt Romney?