Huckabee: You know who probably shouldn't be VP? Mitt Romney

Quoth the Huck, “I’ve never said that I thought that Mitt Romney’s personal religion ought to have a thing to do with whether he should be elected.” Some might dispute that, coming as it does from a guy who pointedly touted himself as a “Christian leader,” but I gave him the benefit of the doubt on the infamous “Jesus and Satan” comment so you’ll have to go it alone. His concern about Romney, he says, is the fact that he’s a flip-flopper, a fair criticism but one which seems a tad exaggerated given his effusive praise later in the segment for pro-choice Tom Ridge. It sounds like he prefers the latter to the former, which, if true, would mean he’s more comfortable with a guy who overtly supports abortion than a guy who used to but has now (allegedly) seen the light. Strange.

Anyway. I love posting Huck clips just because he’s the one Republican our commenters are harder on than I am myself, but if you’re eager for an actual news hook, read Jonathan Martin’s report of the meeting between Team McCain’s social-con outreach director and Huck’s supporters in Michigan. The race for 2012 is already on. Exit quotation: “Privately, though, Romney’s loyalists continue to loathe Huckabee at levels that approach the earlier disdain between Obama and Clinton camps.”