Heart-ache: Democratic convention protesters to be held in mini-Gitmo

“Very bare bones and very reminiscent of a political prisoner camp or a concentration camp,” says one Code Pink member after viewing the footage; subtract the crematoria, starvation, back-breaking labor, and any real possibility of being locked up for longer than a few hours and you’ll see the harrowing truth in her words. What makes a small cell with bars and a metal toilet any more or less dehumanizing than this makeshift holding pen? Nothing, except (a) here you have to make do with a common cell, like animals on a farm, instead of your own individual cage, like animals in a shelter, and (b) it’s romantic and flattering to the collective ego of the heroes of the revolution to think they might be getting the same treatment as political dissidents or Al Qaeda. They’re dangerous, man; would the city be building this if they weren’t? Which is to say, they’d be disappointed if the city hadn’t. Click the image to watch.

Update: Speaking of Denver and Al Qaeda, you’ll be relieved to know that the police don’t suspect terrorism in the case of that guy caught with … enough cyanide to kill hundreds of people.