Video: A complete guide to the world's greatest piece of software bling

Why did Apple yank it? The Darwinian rule about fools and their money could have handled the situation perfectly well, and besides, it’s not true that the app is useless. In addition to being the ne plus ultra of vulgar wealth, it’s a surefire matchmaking tool: The niche of women who’d be impressed by spotting this on some nerd’s iPhone is sufficiently narrow — I think/hope — that it practically guarantees a love match with anyone who does. At the very least, it brings mating displays into the 21st century. Rolex and Armani were fine for grandpa, but for today’s tech-savvy bachelor nothing short of a HAL knockoff signaling “I’ll make it rain” will do.

The punchline? Between the massive publicity it’s gotten and the fact that only eight copies exist worldwide, Apple’s decision to pull it makes it vastly more valuable than it would have been if they’d stayed out of it.