New McCain ad: Hey, did you hear that Obama's a celebrity? Update: On cue, the left cries racism

Their internal polling on this meme must be stupendous to justify playing the same tedious note over and over and over. Not as clever as the Britney ad, not as funny as the Moses ad, and apparently misleading to boot: According to FactCheck, the only tax hike Obama’s supported for people earning $42,000 a year was a $15 increase, and that would have applied only to single taxpayers, not “everyone.” Why they’re going after him on this point when there are much sharper angles of attack available is beyond me, but stand by for another round of leftist hysteria about the GOP goofing on Obama’s appeal to women and what it means to those bitter, clingy, gun-toting xenophobes whose votes the Democrats would of course be honored to have.

Update: Josh Marshall consults his secret racial decoder ring and comes back — ta da — with a hit.