Good news: Anthrax trutherism starting to swirl

It’s still mostly inchoate, with “respectable” commentators willing to commit to nothing sturdier than the occasional dark hint, but a more assertive theory will arrive soon enough in full flower. You know which way the story’s headed even if it’s not there yet: Bush/Cheney did it to create a “climate of fear” which could then be exploited to lead the country to war in Iraq. Why they supposedly chose to do it how they did, with those strange letters indicating a single source, is impenetrable to me. To gin up invasion fever, logically you’d want multiple attackers and something more damning than “Death to America” pointing back to a Saddamist plot. In fact, that’s always been the biggest hole in Trutherism proper (why make 15 of the hijackers Saudi instead of Iraqi?) so it’s nice to see it show up here too. Tradition. Continuity.

Trutherism v1.0 has quietly been in decline for some time now so it’s nice to think the guys at Screw Loose Change will have something new with which to amuse themselves and us. Get cracking!

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