Video: Celebrity gets out the vote for celebrity

Another day, another shameful racist ad juxtaposing mentions of Barack Obama with an attractive young white woman. Question: Does Paltrow even qualify as a celebrity anymore? “Iron Man” did big enough business this year that she should be given the benefit of the doubt, I guess, but if not for that we’d be in “she looks familiar” territory. If you’re wondering why the Democrats would enlist a B-lister when they have so many A-listers available, it’s simple: She’s a member of the same expat community this spot’s aimed at, a fact that may or may not be known to the average viewer. If, like Jaime Sneider, you’re wondering why they’d make the ad four times longer than it needs to be while gratuitously including a celebrity in the same week that McCain’s used that meme to paint Obama as a hype-driven lightweight, that’s simple too: The Democrats’ ad teams reek. Exit quotation: Was the $1,000 VIP admission to mingle with Damon and Affleck worth it, do you think? I bet it totally was.

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