Caught on film: Yeshiva students pull Obama's prayer note from the wall

Believe it or not, even though the culprit has already been identified as a yeshiva student and even though Carl at Israel Matzav identifies these guys as yeshiva students, there are still dark anti-Obama theories floating around suggesting that they’re plants, hired by the campaign as a false flag op to dig the note out and hand it off to the media. Which makes an already stupid accusation miraculously even stupider: Imagine the thought process that would lead an otherwise rational campaign team to conspire on publicizing a prayer, when revelation of the conspiracy would be a thousand times more costly to them than any benefit they’d get from the publication. Proponents of this crap are one short hop away from Trutherism at this point. Stick with Tapped’s analysis, which supplies a useful comparison with Pope John Paul II’s prayer in 2000.