Geraghty source: It's down to Romney and Pawlenty

In which your humble correspondent searches frantically for anything new to say about this increasingly tedious veepstakes soap opera. Two nondescript Republican white guys enter, one nondescript Republican white guy leaves:

I urge readers to take this with the requisite caution. Neither man’s schedule has had any last-minute changes or cancellations, which to me is a leading sign of an announcement being lined up. Pawlenty is still scheduled to speak before the American Legislative Exchange Council tomorrow, and Romney is on vacation in New Hampshire until next week. (Or so the media is told.) He’s also scheduled to attend the Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Beijing.)

I thought of posting an online poll, but why bother? Even conservatives don’t know enough about Pawlenty to make a judgment vis-a-vis Mitt, which is the whole argument against him. If you’re going to gamble on a septuagenarian president, you’d better know what you’re getting if the gamble doesn’t pay off, especially when one of the GOP’s strongest arguments against Obama is that he’s too untested yet to trust with so much power. (Needless to say, that reasoning would also eliminate Palin, although she has compensating qualities.) The question, I guess, is whether voters would rather have an unknown quantity at number two or a known quantity whom they, er, don’t particularly seem to like. And Pawlenty does, after all, have more gubernatorial experience than Romney.

Anyway, easily the second-most fascinating veep tidbit I’ve heard all day. (Okay, third-most.) Exit question: McCain’s looking for a conservative with national name recognition and a reputation for competence, preferably under age 50. Are there any?

Update: For what it’s worth, it’s abundantly clear that the pick who would generate the most excitement among HA readers is Palin.

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