Audio: I'll never vote Democrat again, vows Stern

His grievance is over an issue that won’t matter to most of you, but no matter. Having the two biggest names in radio finally in agreement that the Dems are closet communists is a welcome development, whatever the reason.

Ars Technica has background on the politics within the FCC that held up the merger for so long. Democrat Jonathan Adelstein voted no because the new entity wouldn’t agree to set aside fully one quarter of its stations for public-interest programming. Quoth Alley Insider: “Why would we pay for that?” Exit question: Does this mean Stern, apolitical though he usually is, can be counted on as an ally if the Dems move to bring back the Fairness Doctrine? Since Fairness deals with broadcast radio, not satellite, and therefore doesn’t affect him, I’m guessing no. (In fact, to the extent that Fairness would push big name talent like Limbaugh onto satellite, thereby increasing the size of Stern’s pie, he might actively support it.) Click the image to listen.