VP watch: McCain might hold unscheduled event today in New Hampshire; Report: Mitt's the pick? Update: Not this week?

Seems thin.

But let’s look at the clues: McCain tomorrow is holding a town hall near Mitt Romney’s vacation home in New Hampshire, and reporters on the trail this week with McCain have been put on notice that there might be an additional event tomorrow. Key word there: “might.”… The setting, after all, would be special for McCain — New Hampshire is the state that raised the onetime underdog’s campaign from the dead, not once but twice. And, bingo, McCain would probably lead the evening newscasts tomorrow. Not a bad scenario for a campaign openly frustrated with the news media’s fascination with Obama’s trip overseas.

Jonathan Alter, who’s traveling with McCain in New Hampshire, is skeptical, as am I for the simple reason that he’s meeting with Jindal tomorrow. If Mitt’s the pick and the goal is to wring maximum buzz out of the VP speculation, he should meet with Jindal first and let the media go nuts speculating that Jindal’s about to be named. Then, when he isn’t, announce another unscheduled event for later in the week and name Romney there. Two or three days of press coverage for the price of one!

CNN says no decision has been made but the list has “narrowed.” One important detail I forgot to mention in yesterday’s VP post: Mitt’s in the process of eating $45 million in campaign debt to clear his way for the ticket. $45 million. Why would a businessman as savvy as Romney consider taking a bath like that if he hadn’t already been promised the VP spot?

Update: Grain of salt, but My Man Mitt says Romney it is.

Update: Both Mitt and Cindy McCain are evidently out of the country this week, so if he is the pick, don’t hold your breath for an announcement.