Novak: McCain to name VP this week

If it’s true — and a few GOP sources who spoke to Politico have their doubts — then it’s probably Romney, right? Consensus has it that he’s at the top of the short list and if you want to maximize Mitt’s fundraising it makes sense to roll him out as soon as possible.

So why, then, is McCain suddenly headed to New Orleans to meet with Jindal on Wednesday?

That’s not your exit question, actually. This is: Assuming McCain goes first and it’s not Palin, how does that affect Obama’s options in possibly picking a woman? I tend to subscribe to the Limbaugh/KP theory that Barry O wants to avoid putting Hillary or Sebelius on the ticket if at all possible lest that combo seem too “diverse” for some voters, but if McCain makes a play for female voters by choosing a woman, Obama might have no choice.

Update: Headlines comments imported.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023