"Drill now": Newt's group delivers 1.3 million petition signatures to Congress

Darned impressive. Maybe it is the “conservative MoveOn,” minus the periodic bleats for attention that end up sabotaging its own side.

Your companion reading for the clip (aside from the American Solutions fact sheet on drilling, natch) is FactCheck’s critique of Obama’s “fast track” alternative, which turns out not to be so fast. Remember the next time you see some Democrat sneering that drilling now won’t produce any oil in the short term that St. Barack’s time horizon for alternative fuels is fully 10 years, predictably with “no guarantee that just spending more for research will produce the sort of new fuels, vehicles or other breakthroughs that would actually reverse the growth of oil imports.” He promised you Change, but he didn’t promise you it’d happen before, oh, say, 2020.