Reporter to Bush: Why don't you formally inform our moron public that they should use less gas?

If we can’t be trusted to glean satirical intent from an over-the-top New Yorker cover, how can we be trusted to buy less of something when the price goes up? It’s Daddy President 101, with the added nuance of the media demanding a catalyzing call for action from a guy with an approval rating south of 30 whom they assure us no one in their right mind takes seriously. If he had issued some sort of formal statement inspiring the predictable semi-snarky headlines (“Bush: Conserving Energy Is a Good Thing”), the nutroots would have goofed on him for his chimplike mastery of the obvious and Slate’s ultra-keen “Bushisms” feature could have knocked off early. But look on the bright side. Next year, we’ll be treated to headlines like, “Obama: Turn Off the Light When You Leave a Room.”