"Fox & Friends" using Photoshop to ugly up images of NYT reporters?

Alas, it would appear so. Media Matters has the side by side comparisons, but if you don’t trust them, feel free to compare the source photos of Reddicliffe and Steinberg with these screencaps I pulled from my own recording of the show:


The RedLasso version of the clip is embedded below. Their defense here, I assume, will be that the photos were obvious fakes, especially when viewed in the context of the image of Steinberg as Reddicliffe’s dog. Are they obvious, though? The nose they gave Steinberg is … implausible, but Reddicliffe looks sickly, not outlandish. If the point was to goof on them and they felt they simply had to stoop to drawing the computer equivalent of fake mustaches on their photos, they could have just added some text stating that they were photoshops. I don’t know what they were thinking. Exit question: What’s the excuse tomorrow? Some intern was messing around with the images for fun and his doodling somehow accidentally ended up on the show, or is it another “producer error”?

Update: Heh: “Now Media Matters is upset by fauxtography?”

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