Video: Death in the waiting room

Via Breitbart, seeing is disbelieving. Add this to the list of incidents lately in which bystanders have looked on impassively while someone lay dying: First was that video of pedestrians gawking at the old man getting run down in Hartford, then the nightmare of people pulling over to watch that monster stomp his kid to death by the side of the road in California, and now just today a new report in the Seattle Times of drivers speeding past an accident even as a state trooper was trying to flag them down to help rescue someone who was injured. “Mesmerized by shock,” psychologists say of normal people thrust into a traumatic situation — which brings us to the clip, in which “normal people” are replaced by trained medical professionals and the mesmerization evidently lasts for upwards of 45 minutes. Oh, and did I mention the possibly falsified medical charts? Brace yourself.