Geraldo airs footage of dead Russian model's corpse

I’m trying not to let my knee jerk too hard here, partly because I don’t want to let my antipathy to him color my judgment and partly because the ‘Net is awash in footage of people dead or dying, and we’re no exception. It’s the O’Reilly dilemma revisited: When it comes to shock video, where does the line fall between raising awareness of an outrageous injustice, as in the case of the waiting-room clip, and giving viewers a cheap thrill? It may perhaps not surprise you to find that the man who crawled inside Al Capone’s vault has a different sense of that than you do. But judge for yourself, if you feel the need to subject yourself to it; the video and background are at TV Newser. An unnamed Fox producer is being blamed for the “error.” Mm hmm.