Video: Pregnant Gloucester teen says there was no pact

Or rather, there was a pact but it wasn’t entered into until after the girls were pregnant. Or was it?

[School principal Joseph] Sullivan first told the Gloucester Daily Times the district was worried about a surging pregnancy rate in March; other officials have also made it clear that a number of the 18 girls who tested positive as being pregnant at Gloucester High this past school year became so intentionally, with the idea of being moms together — and raising the children together.

Sullivan’s the one who pushed the “pact” angle with Time, though. Pay close attention to the blonde woman in the glasses at the beginning of the segment; that’s the mayor of Gloucester, describing her interrogation of Sullivan as to where/when/how he came to believe there was some sort of ex ante pact warranting global media coverage. Exit quotation: “His memory failed.” Hmmm. Click the image to watch.