Whoa: Tim Russert dies of heart attack; Update: Brokaw video added; Update: The closest to objectivity among the MSM, says Limbaugh

Just across at the New York Post, although MSNBC conspicuously hasn’t reported it yet. Standby.

Update: CBS apparently is reporting it too, although I don’t see anything on the homepage. Nothing still on MSNBC.

Update: The Times has a bulletin saying his family’s confirmed it. How awful, and only a few weeks after that reminder from Terry McAuliffe that his dad’s still alive, hale, and hardy.

Update: MSNBC’s airing footage now.

Update: From TV Newser: “Around 1pmET this afternoon, Russert was conducting a political Q&A on MSNBC.com. We’re told Russert collapsed while in the tracking booth at the Washington bureau.”

Update: Here’s NBC’s obit.

Update: You can gauge the sort of esteem he was held in by the fact that this is top story not only on Drudge but on most rival news networks. Even Brent Bozell, not one to be overly romantic about the media, is effusive in his praise.

Update: Here’s Brokaw breaking the news.

Update: Even rarer than media praise from Brent Bozell: Rush pays his respects.

Update (Ed): We were on the air when this news broke and talked about it for twenty minutes or so.  I knew AP would have a great round-up, and I just want to add a few thoughts.  Russert made the tough transition from politico to journalist about as well as anyone ever has; Chris Matthews, for instance, can only wish that he had Russert’s credibility.  Russert got criticized from time to time about his performance, but even that criticism recognized Russert’s normal professionalism and excellence.  MTP will not be the same with his passing, and it’s going to be tough to see how NBC can replace him.  I think he will only be succeeded on Sunday mornings. He left us far too young at 58(!).
Joe Gandelman has a good roundup at TMV, as does Michelle.