George Will: Obama will crush McCain

If, that is, he can mobilize turnout among blacks and young voters in the general election (and why wouldn’t/couldn’t he?). Two clips here, the first the bad news and the second the “good” news as Pat Buchanan fantasizes about the rise of a new conservative movement from the ashes of the Democrats’ victory and inevitable mismanagement. Let’s hope this new generation of paleocons remembers to put the blame for World War II on whom it belongs, i.e. Winston Churchill.

Read Will’s op-ed for Newsweek, too, about the two shoes yet to drop. I think he’s overstating the extent to which the Obama/Muslim smear has penetrated (especially post-Wright) and how much it’s influencing people’s votes, but his point about Hillary’s women supporters turning their backs on McCain when they find out he’s pro-life is well taken. Or is it? Geraldine Ferraro reminds our favorite liberal that pro-choice Democrats had no problem handing 49 states to her opponent in 1984. And this Pew poll on abortion from 2006 finds not only no gender gap on the issue, but 51% of self-described moderate/conservative Democrats agreeing that the practice should be illegal in most or all circumstances.