Video: Newest bionic exoskeleton allows for even more efficient ass-kicking

Via Danger Room, which has the background. No, there’s no typo in the headline: These things already exist and are being tested, as veteran HA readers may remember, but follow the last link and remind yourself how bulky the Sarcos model is. This one, the Berkeley Bionics brand, isn’t even the latest design from their own lab but trust me, you won’t care. It’s so lightweight and allows for so much mobility that you’ll gawk the whole way though.

Integrate this with some sort of full-body kevlar BDU, add an updated helmet replete with obligatory Cobra Commander reflective faceplate (with an OLED monitor for the wearer on the inside, natch), and equip with a standard issue shoot-through, self-healing invisibility shield and I’d say you’re in business.