Pfleger at Trinity: Hillary cried after Iowa because of "white entitlement"; Update: Pfleger on Farrakhan

Bob Owens e-mailed yesterday wondering why Fr. Michael “We’re going to find you and snuff you out” Pfleger had disappeared from Obama’s faith testimonials page after having once been featured there. (See the end of MM’s post from March for a screencap.) Here’s one possible answer. The YouTube description says it was shot May 25; I can’t find anything on the wires to confirm that but you can tell from the crowd behind him that this is from a different appearance than the one where he defended Wright and Farrakhan. Another case, a la McCain and Hagee/Parsley, of a politician not having vetted a colorful preacher thoroughly enough before touting his endorsement? Nope: According to this CSM piece from last year, Barry O’s known Pfleger since his early days in Chicago. Funny how these longtime acquaintances of his keep “surprising” him with incendiary racial rhetoric.

Update: Here’s older video, via Patrick Ishmael, of Pfleger paying tribute to the right reverend Louis Farrakhan.