Video: The 60-yard goal

A.k.a. “Man Hits Giant Unguarded Target With Ball.” Exhibit 6,428 in why I’ll never understand soccer’s appeal: Is this really some great shakes? Can’t most pro players (and even plenty of amateurs) hit an open net from far away? And yet, somehow, it’s a bona fide YouTube phenomenon, with 1.1 million views of this particular clip and literally nine other versions of it in the YT top 100.

What am I missing? Leg strength + basic accuracy + favorable wind conditions = a gimme, no? Is this just a byproduct of the collective European mancrush on Beckham?

Update: To put this in perspective, the net’s goalposts are 24 feet apart. NFL goalposts are 18 feet, six inches. He kicked a long field goal through a bigger target than football kickers have. On a hop.