Video: New RNC ad hammers Obama on Cuba

We may be headed for an eight-to-ten point blowout nationally, but goshdarnit, we’re winning Florida this year. Thanks, Raul!

The Prince of Peace evidently thinks this is fertile ground for an attack on McCain, although his reasoning is utterly lost on me. I can only assume he feels bound by his own moronic head-of-state principle and thus is forced to negotiate with Cuba, whatever the electoral consequences in Florida. Exit question, per John Bolton’s interview with National Journal: Why does Obama feel compelled to negotiate with scum like the Castro boys at the presidential level? Why isn’t a delegation of apparatchiks or a summit with the secretary of state good enough? It’s almost as though he’s eager to give away presidential prestige, presumably as part of his World Apology Tour ’09. Rest easy, Barack. Europe is going to love you.